My New Hearing aids

2014-07-21 15.46.29

Here’s what my New hearing aids look like. Being deaf and hard of hearing in one ear, I am now required to wear hearing aids. Being deaf in my right ear is mostly like due to my Intersex condition, which is Kallmann’s syndrome.  My doctors think that one of the genes in my genetic condition knocked out the ability for me to hear. So which is why I am born deaf and hard of hearing on my right ear, though my left is starting to get worse as well. Pretty soon as I get older and older, I’ll  lose my ability to hear anything.

Also by the way I have reached the 900 post in my blogging life. I must be a major blogger by now and I think I should make a career out of blogging and social media. I wish someone can hire me to work in social media cause I have the skills and know how. On top of that, I have been on computers as far back as when Apple was founded and my first computer was an Apple II in the 1980′s.

Dear Laurie Penny


Sadly, as an Intersex person, I’m not immune to all the threats, abuse, harassment and violence online towards me (hint: I’m an Intersex person). Being born with an Intersex condition, I’m a target by these porno, violent Male Transgender people who try to co-opt my intersex condition, tried to erase me as a human being and try to steal my Intersex status away from me. I’ve gotten all the crap from the Transgender whackactavist, that I grew thicker skin and became well armed against them.

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On the 30th of July Laurie Penny is taking part in a discussion with Mary Beard entitled ‘Why Are We Afraid of Outspoken Women?’

From the Ancient Roman forum to Twitter, women have long had to fight for freedom of speech. In 2014, women are still fighting for this basic human right. Online abuse directed at women crosses all forums of the internet. Few women writers and campaigners have not had their views or arguments mocked online at some point. More worryingly, women online also regularly face abuse, harassment, intimidation and violent threats. The purpose of this abuse is to silence women and remove them from public debate.

Sadly, I am not immune to abuse, harassment or threats online (hint: I’m female). Because over the past several months I have talked about gender and biological sex, I have got all kinds of crap from trans activists and…

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