Intersex Awareness day

Since today is Intersex awareness day, let’s remind people how Intersex people like myself are often, ignored, erased and even hidden from society. Let’s not forget that the Intersex/DSD community itself has a racism issue, in that racial minorities who are Intersex/DSD are often ignored, erased and hidden from view. It’s why there are many racial minorities who are Intersex/DSD and hardly ever get their voices heard. Even for me, as an Asian American and a Laotian American who happens to be born Intersex/DSD with Kallmann’s Syndrome. I am often erased, hidden and ignored from Intersex/DSD organizations to even society in general. It’s why the Intersex/DSD community has largely a racism problem that they tend to ignore and don’t want to deal with.

One thing people don’t see in the Intersex/DSD community is that there is a huge lacking of diversity within the Intersex community.  There is no face of those who are African American, Hispanic and Asian’s who are born and diagnosed as Intersex people. The only faces you see are those who are white, European origin and born with an Intersex condition. It’s why the Intersex awareness day is such a farce in my opinion because it lacks any REAL diversity within the Intersex community and there are no Intersex/DSD people of color and racial minority that is represented.

It’s why I think this whole Intersex Awareness day is such a farce because there is no equal representation of those who have Intersex/DSD conditions and no racial diversity within the Intersex/DSD condition. It’s No dirty secret that the Intersex community as whole as a racism issue and something they choose to ignore, It’s why Minorities like myself who are Intersex/DSD are often forced to hide our intersex/DSD condition . Even hide it in our own racial communities because we have NO intersex organizations that can help racial minorities speak up on Intersex/DSD issues in our own community. It’s why as an Asian American and a Laotian American, who is Intersex/DSD. It’s often hard to talk about being Intersex/DSD because there is no one that can understand what it means to grow up Intersex/DSD in the Asian American and a Laotian American community. Even Intersex organizations like OII and Advocates for Informed choice are no help because they don’t want to deal with Minorities who are Intersex/DSD.

It’s why as an Asian American, a Laotian American and an Intersex/DSD person, I don’t rely on Intersex or LGBT orgs because they are never welcoming, inclusive and racially diverse. I instead have to deal with my Intersex/DSD issues alone and face the struggles of being an Asian American and a Laotian American, who is Intersex/DSD by myself.  Being born Intersex/DSD and having Kallmann’s Syndrome is hard enough. It’s even a lot worse in my own racial and ethnic community as well, with No support or help from the outside as well. It’s why when you see people online tweeting and saying they support Intersex Awareness day. Don’t forget about those racial minorities who are Intersex/DSD and don’t have a voice or aren’t able to speak up because the white most that are Intersex/DSD won’t let them speak up.

It’s why Intersex Awareness day don’t mean anything to me as an Intersex/DSD person because as an Asian American and a Laotian American who is Intersex/DSD with Kallmann’s syndrome. My voice never gets ‘s heard and my story is never told. It is silenced, hidden and ignored from within the Intersex/DSD community and by society. It’s why Intersex Awareness day is totally Meaningless and such a Farce cause it’s not diverse or Inclusive. It’s why as an Intersex/DSD person, I get nothing out of this cause no one hears stories from minorities who are Intersex/DSD.

Another at Solair Nudist resort

Today, I had another awesome day at Solair Nudist Resort in Woodstock, Connecticut. The weather was perfect, the temperature was perfect and the water was perfect. Overall, my day at Solair was perfect. I had a great time at Solair today and went skinny dipping, swam in the pond and even had a wine & cheese nude social hour. I enjoyed the afternoon at Solair and liked the place very much because it allowed me to be me and doesn’t impose sex, gender and gender identity politics me. Even as an Intersex person, I am very accepted in the Nudist community and they don’t impose sex, gender and gender identity politics me. They simply treat me as a human being and don’t label me as male or female. Which is perfect because for me as an Intersex/DSD person, I’m neither a biological man or a biological woman. I’m simply an Intersex/DSD person. The nice part of being in the Nudist resort, was that I was treated like one of the girls, because of my intersex condition and the women at Solair treated me like them. They didn’t see me as male or female, but a human being like them.

As far as being at Solair Nudist Resort, I enjoyed my day so much. I got to meet new people, made some new friends and seriously considering Solair my home Nudist resort. I got a chance to walk around the resort nude and feel the warmth of the sun bathing my skin and feel the nice breeze flowing through my body. When I jumped into the swimming pool, It felt a huge weight of stress lifted off of me.I was swimming in the pool and floating around that I felt like I was in another world. I spent a few times in the hot tub working on my sore spots of my body, which helped loosen my sore muscles. I also got a chance to spend some times in the sauna to ponder, reflect and think about things. That day being nude was so awesome because it made me feel like a person and I didn’t have to be pressured to be male or female. I simply was a person with an intersex condition in a nudist resort.

The nice part of it all was that wine & cheese social hour, which was totally cool and a great time to mingle with people. It was great to socialize, meet and hang out with other nudist and socialize.  I got a chance to drink and eat, even talk socially without having to push my label and identity on to people. It was a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and it made me feel accepted as a person without any labels or identities. The social introduced me to a lot of other people who were Nudist like me and were comfortable talking to each other, naked and clothes free. I got to meet people, made some new friends and even socialize over wine and cheese.

I got to be nude and comfortable with myself as an Intersex/DSD person and a Nudist as well. I got comfortable in accepting my intersex body for what it is in the Nudist community and learning to accept the fact that I’m never gonna be male or female no matter how hard my doctors try. I learn that I am comfortable that I may not have a normal female body and a normal male body and to be very comfortable with what I have. It’s why Nudism is something that has advanced my acceptance of my intersex body and all the flaws that come with an Intersex body. It’s why I always tell people, that I’m comfortable with being born with an Intersex condition and all the flaws and imperfections that come with an Intersex body such as Micropenis, ambiguous genitalia. Even a natural body that is neither Male or female. It’s why Nudism is great because it helps you overcome body issues and teaches you to accept your body for what it is. Even an Intersex body is accepted in the Nudist community because it’s natural occurring and common.

I’m ready for a relationship

As an Intersex person and someone who’s deaf in one ear, I’m seriously ready for a relationship. I’m tired of being single and overlooked by people. The one problem with that, it’s hard for people to get past the fact that I’m born with an Intersex condition and I look younger than my age. For so many years, I have no dated any women because I felt I was being left out of the dating pool and overlooked. It’s why the one thing that is so tough on Intersex people like myself is finding a meaningful relationship. Which is why dating and relationship is one of the hardest things Intersex people like me have to face with our medical condition. That’s why it’s hard for intersex people to be in a dating relationship. It’s caused not many people would want to deal with someone who’s Intersex and has massive health issues associated with being intersex.

It’s why for me, dating and relationship is one of those things I have not done in my life. I never had a long term relationship or have ever been on a serious date with a biological woman. I’m often so overlooked that bio women hardly ever notice me. Its why dating to me is such a barrier because I never was able to jump past that barrier. All the girls I was friends with, never went beyond the friends zone. I suspect because being born with an Intersex condition, being deaf in one ear and having ambiguous genitalia. Women don’t want to deal with someone who has medical and health issues. It’s why I am always left behind the dating and relationship scene, when others are in a relationship and dating.

I never liked online dating sites because I always saw them as being a scam and that they were only set up for a curtain type of person. If you didn’t fit the type that people were looking for, you were left out and never looked at. It’s why I never liked online dating sites and always saw them as a scam and elitist because they only wanted curtain people for their online dating sites. It’s why I never bothered to deal with online dating or dating sites in general.

It’s why I am always looking for someone who can have fun with me, deal with my independence and deal with my medical issues. I’m always looking for someone who can overlook my micropenis, ambiguous genitalia and see me for who I am. I’m always looking for someone who’s comfortable with their own skin, body and is comfortable with being nude like me. Above all, I’m always looking for someone who can tolerate and deal with my personality and style. Even though I look younger than my age, I am always hoping that I can find someone that can look past that. I try to find that relationship, but I always keep my door open for when ever that relationship walks though.

That’s why as an Intersex person, dating and relationships are one of the hardest things that Intersex people have to face. It’s one of the hardest things I have to deal with as an Intersex person because people I want to be with don’t want to deal with Intersex people and their medical issues. It’s why after all these years, it amazes me that I can get this far in life and still be single Intersex person. I wonder how long I can do this before I fall into a relationship?