Laptop Crash…Again

Ya know, I am really getting sick and tired of my laptop crashing and burning on me. I really really, need to look for another laptop and this time I may either upgrade it to Vista Ultimate, get a 320 GB Hard drive and 4 GB of RAM or I may see about getting a Mac pro Laptop like the one my my brother Jesse has. I am looking at either those options or see about getting a new laptop in my senior year in college. I have been thinking about getting an HP Laptop or a Macbook pro Laptop, but the problem with the Mac, is the encryption capability and the fact that most of my programs run on windows and PC. Though I am looking at it and right now I am looking at upgrading my laptop and I am trying to find the cheapest upgrades for my laptop in terms of getting Vista Ultimate a Seagate 320 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM. So if anyone knows where I can find those at a good price, let me know.