IDF Drafts Mentally Disabled Soldiers

Now as someone who serves in the US Military, who is deaf in one ear and is born intersex, this is a first for any military service on this planet. Also what’s a first is for any Military service is the fact that the Israeli Defense forces is allowing for the first time to draft those with mental disabilities in to the Military. The Israeli Military for the first time is drafting people who have mental disabilities such as Downs Syndrome and Autism spectrum disorders into the military. Though from what I can tell in the article is that they are barred from ground combat but they are able to work in logistics, supply,  medical and Homefront Command.

This is very historic because the IDF is the first Military service on the planet to allow mentally disabled people to serve in the Military. They are able to serve side by side with those who are normal people and are able to do the same thing, minus carrying a gun and going into front line combat. From what I have read in the article is that they are going to logistics, supply and other jobs and some are going to be serving through the Sar-El program and count that towards their time served. It allows them to complete their military service and become part of the normal society, which I am all for. I am all for allowing anyone to serve in the military as long as they can meet the requirements for that job. I think it’s very cool that the Israeli Defense Forces is allowing Mentally disabled people to serve in their armed forces and I hope that other countries can follow as well.

So my hope is that within my lifetime and within my next life, that the US Military takes a hard serious look at how the IDF and the Israeli Defense forces allow those with medical conditions and those with mental disabilities to serve in the Military  an use the IDF as an example of if it can be done their, then we ought to try it over here as an experiment as well. I think that every Military service on this planet should look at how the IDF is doing things and maybe model some of their things such as allowing women in front line combat jobs and allowing those with a mental disability and a medical condition into military service. I think it’s good that the Israeli Defense forces are making strides in allowing women and people with disabilities in the Military and that’s something that I would like to see happen in the US, but that may not happen in my life time.

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