Upstate New York gunman kills 13, commits suicide

Upstate New York gunman kills 13, commits suicide.

Okay, one thing I worry about now, it the racial sterotypes that come after a shooting like this. After the media finds out the race of the person and then people go after anyone that fits that racial profile and stereotype. Such as the VTech shooting that happened awhile ago. After the media found out that it was an Asian American that started it. I could not believe the kind of talk people were saying about Asian Americans and how they could be associated to such people. You could not say your Asian American out of fear that people will call you racial names, call you out for being that race that is associated with the shooting. That’s why I am very worried now when the media is now saying that the shooter is an Asian American and is Vietnamese.  I am worried that people and society will associate that asian american shooter with all the Asian Americans out their and put racial blame on it.

I feel sorry for what he did, but What I am going to say, is that what he did is not in line with Asian American culture, Asian Culture and with the Buddhist traditions. I think Asians should condemn his actions and as an Asian American and a Laotion, I think he had some serious issues that he should have seeked help instead of taking his rage and anger out on innocent people who had nothing to do with his problem.