Summer camp job

Today, I called this summer camp I applied and had an interview with and I was told the best news I could ever had. I got a summer camp job and a camp job that can help pay for college expenses in the fall semester when I transfer to a Nursing school and a 4 year university. Like I said, I am not saying where I am working this summer, but all I am saying is that I am going to be working at a summer camp in CT this summer.  I am getting a good pay for the summer and I know it will help pay for college expenses and I know I will have fun this summer as well. Now I am waiting for my signed contract to come in the email and the rest of the paperwork to come in the mail as well. I have been invited to an open house on April 19 and I am going to go see them place and I am going to see what the place looks like as well.

Anyway, I am happy that I got the summer camp job and I am going to be doing something at least for the summer. I am going to having fun and work at the same time and I know this will be one of my most memorable summer. I know I have been applying for a summer job in this tight economy and I that today I am lucky enough to get one and I am lucky enough to get hired for the summer.