4 weeks until 33

God….Only 4 weeks left and I am 33. Ya know something, I don’t even look like my age anymore. I don’t even look like in my 30’s. Never mind trying to be 32, but 33, I can never look like a 33 yr old. I still get women who still think I’m lying about my age. I still get people who think I am 19 or 22 yrs old. I think that I may never grow old and I think because of my intersex condition, I know I am never gona look old. It’s hard to be my age or even act my age, when people think I am not my age.

As for those 4 weeks, Those 4 weeks are what’s left I have of being 32 and looking towards being 33. It’s that time for me, to think about what I did and time to at least try to look my age when I know I will never look my age. Though people tell me that age is just another number for me, but I know that age for me, is nothing because of what I have and having that ability to look younger than my age regardless how old I am .

So am I happy to look forward to being 33, I don’t know and it all depends on how i feel about being 33 when people still tell me that I look like I am 19 or 22 yrs old. Do I look forward to being 33, I guess it depends on how I wake up the next morning and how I feel about looking older and feeling older. So I still have to see what happens over the next four weeks and see how I feel about being 33 when you still have people saying you look like 19 or 22.