My Day

Today, was one of the coolest days. I had the car and I was going out to wash my clothes and then took a road trip to see some places and see some people as well. I on a joy ride with my folks car and taking it for a ride, which of course my folks are cool with that. One of the place I went to see, was one of my old place I use to live and now it’s getting torn down to make way for an industrial park. I use to live in the Housing Projects and one of them was Pinnacle heights housing project. It was one of those housing projects I use to live in back in the 1980’s. I went their to see what happened to them and what they did to the place. Sorta like a trip through time to see where I lived and what happened to them. See where I grew up and where I ended up.

Other than that, I am right now working on my next speech for my Public Speaking college class. I am working on an outline for a personal experience speech and I was thinking about doing a personal experience speech on what I do for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the other is a personal experience about my intersex condition. I had to decide which one and I had to decide how I was going to get a personal experience speech done in 4 minutes. So between doing a speech about the US Coast Guard Auxiliary vs my intersex condition. I’ve decided to do a personal experience about my intersex condition, because I am well versed on my intersex condition and and the experience i have being born intersex. I can do a personal experience speech on my intersex within 4 minutes of the speech, which is required for the class.

The other thing, is that I am weighing in on the idea of doing a video blog post. I am thinking about the idea of doing video blog and post videos on my blog once a week. I am thinking about it because, I know people see me though my words and though my pictures, but they don’t see me through the videos and I am trying to weight the pros and cons of doing videos and posting it on my blog. My biggest worries is that people will say crap about my videos and I know their are people out their who would want to slander me at every chance. So I am thinking about it and I am looking to start doing video blogs sometime after final exams are done and that’s not until the end of May.