Hot monday

Ya know, today is a wrong day for people to show off their skin. Today was one of those days where people are showing off their skin and some people need cover up. I mean it was very disgusting to see people who haven’t worked out and today while waiting for the bus to go home, what I saw is the reason why their are some women who need to either cover up or work out before they can show some skin. Some people had legs that looked like they came from a chicken on steroids. I think it was too early for them to show off and I think that some people needed to seriously cover up. What I saw today was something i should never see and shouldn’t be shown in public at all such as one lady who had a skirt so high that it borders on exhibition and in decent exposure.

Also on the bus ride home, the bus was so humid and so freaking hot that it felt like I was in a sauna or in a hot tub. The bus obviously had the heater on instead of the AC on. It was so hot on the bus, that I nearly wanted to take my shirt off and just wear my undershirt. I think my bus ride was so bad that I felt i lost a pound of weight off. It makes me wonder why I need to either find other ways to get to school or buy a moped or even get my folks to let me drive to school. Even the buses that they are using are not very well good or very comfortable to ride but they get you where you need to go.