Sad economy in my hometown

It’s really sad in my hometown when the economy is taking a toll on everyone. I have seen more and more people who are left out of the job, homeless and scraping by with nothing. Even where I go to hang out, their closing up because the bad economy and a very tight credit market. It seems that now my hometown is starting to become a bust because it doesn’t know where to go or what direction it wants to go.

Even the people living here, someone of whom are trying to scrape by and get by in this bad economy are finding that it’s harder to get by these days. Even the young people such as myself are finding it hard to live and scrape by in this state. I think that this state is dying because of the the factors of bad economy, bad job market and the lack of jobs around. Even with the new president, I am not seeing any progress or hope for a better economy. I think that as soon as I get my college degree, the sooner I can bail out of Connecticut. I just see it, that for the next couple of years, things are going to get rough for me, in terms of going to college, paying for college and finding work in a very tight economy.

What’s sad about this, is that today , on the way to 7-11 store.  I saw a man lugging a shopping cart full of scrap metal to the scrap yard and it hit me, how bad this economy has gotten us in and how bad the country is in. It hit me how bad things can get and how bad this place where I live can get if I don’t get my college degree and get the hell out of Connecticut. It also shows how in my hometown, not a whole lot of young people are willing to stay in town after they graduate. Their willing to up and leave as soon as they get that college degree and move to somewhat better climate.

I think that the way this economy is going right now. I think that it’s going to get harder and harder to scrape by and that I have to start focusing on getting that college degree and getting out of where I live right now, because the job market here is dying and that places are closing up and their is nothing left anymore.

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