First swine flu death in city – The New Britain Herald News : New Britain, Conn., and surrounding areas

Now, It  really hit’s the door step of my home town. Now this has to be one of the biggest things to worry about, besides a terrorist attack. Swine flu hitting towns and cities of where you live. I think no one is immune to the impact of swine flu when it hits your home town, though this may be mild because where done with the seasonal flu and it’s summer time, but come this winter when the seasonal flu comes around and the Swine flu is still here. I will bet you that you will still see case after case and even ones that are far more damaging and even hitting on pandemic levels as well.

So yes, the first Swine flu death that happened in my home town is a shock and who knows where this swine flu will go and who else will get it. The one thing is for curtain that this Swine flu is here and it’s marching it’s way around the world. No one is immune to the Swine flu and everyone is impacted by it, when someone dies of Swine flu in your home town.

So am I worred about someone having Swine flu, Yes. Should their be hand washing stations and stations that give out surgical mask at the first sign of someone coughing, Yes. I think that every place should have facilities that put out surgical mask and hand washing stations as well. That way people can be protected from those who are infected and I believe it should be part of the hand washing tools.

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