Summer Camp job Advice

The one thing I learned about working at summer camps is that it’s sometimes how you make the most of it and how you can get the most out of working in a summer camp. So from my experience in working at a Summer Camp, I am going to list the few things you should do, if you ever want to apply to a summer camp job.

1. Make sure you apply very, very early. Camps don’t start looking to hire people for their next summer staff until mid September to the end of April. I would suggest you start applying in the fall semester of school, so that you can get your application in very early and maximize your chances of getting hired very early.

Note: When you are applying for summer camp job, keep this in mind. You are not only competing with those in the states for a Summer Camp Job, but you are also competing with those from overseas and international students as well. So it’s imperative that if you want to apply for a summer camp job, you must apply very, very early to get the jump start on the international students, who are applying for a summer camp job as well.

2. Get any of the certifications you would need for camp. That  means start getting Lifeguard cert, First Aid and CPR cert, EMT or any teaching certs. This makes your application stand out and gives you some valuable  chances of getting hired for camp.

3. Pick the top 3 or 4 jobs you would like to work at a summer camp. Pick from the most to the least. Never settle for anything less than what you want. Such as in my case where I wanted to work as a counselor at camp, but had no choice but to settle for working as a driver due to the fact that I needed the money for college this fall.

4. When packing for camp, always make sure you bring the things you would need to survive in camp and what you would need to last for the summer and be very comfortable. That means buying a footlocker and camp essentials after new years.

5. When you do accept a summer camp job, make sure you ask alot of questions and even the stupid ones as well. Also read your contract and read until you cam memorize it cold.

So for those who are looking to work at a summer camp next summer, I hope this helps you all in learning the secrets of applying and getting a summer camp job. I will write more on this as things come about and more I learn about the summer camp.

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