The Coast Guards problem of Social Media Liability |

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The Coast Guards problem of Social Media Liability |

Now this question was posted on the CGBlog and it was a discussion about the Coast Guard’s problem with Social media. Their is no doubt that Social media in society is here to stay and it intertwines with how society dose things. It’s a part of us and it’s fast becoming part of what we do and how we interact with one another. Social media whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay and I think people either are going to have to change with it or be left far behind the curve. The problem you see is that their is a generation gap with social media between the younger, more tech savvy people and the older more traditional people.

In the CGBlog, we talked about how social media is fast changing the way society and people are doing things. We’ve even talked about how social media, such as Facebook was used to save someone’s life and save the US Coast Guard in a very costly SAR case. We’re right now talking about how social media can help save people’s live by having people tweet their location or file their float plan vis Facebook, Myspace,Twitter and SMS to US Coast Guard Sectors and Stations. All these discussions can and have lead to ideas that spawn change and innovation that made the workload in the US Coast Guard far more easy and far more efficient.

I believe that social media has a place in society and in the workplace. It even has a place in the military and I believe they should take full advantage of what ever social media technology that is out their. What people need to understand is that Social media is fast changing how people do things and how they communicate with one another. Even in the US Coast Guard, which is at the forefront of Social media. They are slowly but surely changing the way the communicate and get the word out to people. It may not take a group effort to change the way people communicate, but it’s taking individuals and people on their own to change with the times and how people communicate with one another. In due time, I believe that social media will gain a foot hold on everyone and that everyone no matter how young or how old they are will have to change and start using social media as well. That’s because it’s here and it’s what’s being used right now in the 21st century.

Even with our president, President Obama, is the first US President take full advantage and full use of social media. His example of taking full advantage, is the reason why everyone from the commander in chief down to the Auxiliarist should take advantage of every social media technology that is out their. Even the ones that cost nothing and that are free to use and easy to start with. If Everyone from US Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary took a  look at what President Obama has done with Social media and follow his example. I would bet that someday they too can have the full use of Social media and use the full power of Social media to their advantage. In the same way President Obama did during his election and during his presidency.

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