Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” hmm… |

Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” hmm… |

I  think that repealing DADT “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” would be a very good idea, because with the current military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Coupled with losing people who have critical skills and talent that the US military so desperately needs, despite the fact that their gay, lesbian or even intersex. I think the US Military as a whole should scrap and even get rid of Don’t ask, Don’t tell because take a look at our NATO allies. They allow gays, lesbian and even intersex people to serve in their militaries and even more, some countries even allow women to serve in all positions including ground combat and in Submarines.

I personally believe that the US Military and the US Congress should repeal and even scrap Don’t ask Don’t tell. First of all their are enough rules, regulations and personal conduct rules to make Don’t ask Don’t tell a moot point. Even their are sexual harassment rules that are in place to make Don’t ask Don’t tell useless. If we look to our NATO allies such as Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and a host of other countries that do allow Gays, lesbian and intersex people to serve in their military. They don’t seem to have any operational or personal problems with Gays, lesbian and intersex people serving in the military. The only people who do have operational and personal problems is the US military and it makes you wonder, if our NATO allies have gays, lesbian and intersex people serving in their militaries, how come we in the US don’t jump the band wagon with our NATO allies as well.

You know what’s so shameful about this is that the US Military regularly holds military exercise with NATO allies and joint operations with NATO allies. They don’t realize that our allies we work with some of their personal could be Gay, lesbian or even intersex and the US military doesn’t even know about it. What’s so sad is that the US Military is allies with NATO member and the European Union countries and they don’t even know that their working with countries that have gays, lesbian and intersex in their military Units as well.

I think that the US military and Congress should get it’s head out of the sand and should seriously scrap Don’t ask Don’t tell because it’s not working, were losing very valuable and crucial talent in a time of war, its not hindering military readiness and military operations and it’s not hurting US military Moral. The thing that is hurting the US Military is that they are losing people who have valuable and crucial skills that they so desperately need. It’s gotta be hurting their recruiting and retention numbers.  It’s hurting our standing with NATO and with our European union and allies around the world. So you gotta wonder, when will this nonsense of Don’t ask and Don’t tell will be scrapped and when will the US military will come to their senses and put some COMMON SENSE in the US Military.

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