The Financial Aid Hassle at SCSU

One thing I hate about the American College education system is the hassle with the Financial Aid system. The Financial aid system in America is messed up and basically a broken system. The problem with the American College Financial aid system is that it makes you jump through so many hoops and gives you so much run around and even ask for so much information than required that I believe that the financial Aid system that colleges and universities are using in American is broken and basically and obstruction to American progress. It’s like this in order to register for class, one has to secure financial aid for school. So if you don’t have Financial Aid, you can’t register for classes.

I think that President Obama‘s idea of sending every American to college for one year is very good, but he should fix the Financial Aid system in all the colleges before he sends everyone to college for one year. They have become the road block to sending everyone to college and I think before Obama sends everyone to college, he needs to fix the financial aid mess. He needs to reform the American College system including overhauling the Financial Aid system, where it it nationalized and uses your Tax returns to process your financial  Aid for school.

We need reforms in the college financial aid system and we need to start looking at either streamlining the paperwork or reduce the amount of paperwork that people have to apply in order to get Financial Aid for school.. Though I think that we should follow the system that Europeans colleges and Universities are using and use the Education system that Europeans are using. Such as 3 yr college degrees and eliminate the general education degree requirements.

The reason why I am writing this is because I have been getting grief and the whole run around with the Southern Connecticut State University Financial Aid office. They have given me nothing but headaches and run around with the paperwork nightmare. They have asked me everything and including signed letters asking for my living arrangements. They seem to be very obtrusive and very invasive. They don’t give me a straight answer and they always give me conflicting answers and no straight answers. They seem to not care for the students and I think that the Financial Aid office at Southern Connecticut State University is not doing it’s job and the people working their are not giving me straight answers. The seem to frustrate me when School is about to start and I haven’t even registered for class yet because they haven’t cleared my financial aid yet.

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3 thoughts on “The Financial Aid Hassle at SCSU

  1. As for scholarships, I would look online and look at the schools because schools have plenty of scholarships to hand out.

  2. Same here. I am having financial aid issues with my school and They want paperwork for this and paperwork for that. They even want letters of this and that. It’s so much paperwork that it’s no wonder why people say college is very hard on people.

  3. I can’t count how many times I couldn’t register for the classes that I needed because of paper trouble in my financial aid.

    Also, how do people get scholarships?

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