Beer Summit

So is this the new way we settle disputes in this world, Over a glass of beer, nuts and out in the backyard patio. If so  then I think Obama should be buying more beer because he’s going to need if he starts settling disputes by having a beer summit. This maybe the new way of doing diplomacy, by have a beer summit and a get together to mediate disputes over beer. Though I think that this shows that you can settle disputes by having a beer summit and that President Obama maybe taking on the world as a teacher and a mediator. This maybe what you call beer politics and using beer to help settle disputes and maybe help people mend tough issues.

Though I would like to know what kind of Beer did the White House used for the beer summit. Though I do believe it must be some type of Ale or lager beer. Though I can’t tell from the photo, but what I can say is that this is the new way of doing diplomacy and it’s through beer.

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