Transfer Orientation at SCSU

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Well, What can you say about orientation today. Today was the day I got to see the college campus @ Southern Connecticut State University. What was very interesting was that I got to see the student housing and the Campus apartment that I am going to be staying in New Haven. It is very quaint and very nice. I did like the fact that I am getting an on campus Townhouse Apartment because of my age and status. I do like the place and I do like the school as well.

As for what I did at southern today, I registered for class and I had to hand in the health dept Form as well. I also met my advisor and met some of the people I am staying on campus with. The nice thing about southern is that it’s not far to New York city and that if i wanted to I could go out and spend a day in New York City. As far as the orientation goes, it went fairly okay, but I think some of the stuff the did, did not gear towards those who have college experience and did not  meet the needs of the incoming transfer student.

As for registering for class, I didn’t get to pick the classes I wanted to because they were all filled up. Though I will keep looking and I will keep my eye on it to see if any of the classes I want opens up. I know I will be looking and I know will watch the class schedule to see if any one drops the class and see if I can register for one of them.

Well, So far, transferring seems to be going well and I hope I don’t have to transfer ever again because I know that this is the school I will want to stay and this is the school I want to work on getting my Nursing degree. I know I have to boost my GPA and I have to see if I want to take 5 classes, because right now I am taking 4 and I am considering taking 5 classes.

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