Am I ready for school next week

Am I ready for school next week? Well that depends on how do you define being ready. I know I am going from a community college to a 4 yr state University and I know that my time in Community college was well spent. I know I am ready because I did my time in Community college and I still think that Community colleges are a good post secondary high school for those who need time to prepare for 4 yr colleges and university. The one thing I am asking myself is that am I ready to live in campus and live in a college apartment or a college dorm. I know I had some bad experience living with people on a college dorm, but I think this one is different because this is a State university and not some private school. Though the ones thing I am asking myself, is that am I ready to fight for a spot in the Nursing school come Junior year. Though I know I have a lot to deal with before I can get in, but I know that once I get in that will be one hurdle that I can at least get past.

So all this week for me, I’ve been getting ready for school and making sure that everything is in order such as financial aid, classes, books and getting ready to move on campus. Also, when I went to get my books for school, Everything cost me up to $500 dollars and boy were they pretty expensive. Even on top of my school supplies, which are very much expensive as well.  Now the one thing I have to do, is learn to cook simple foods and learn to get use to eating on campus as well. I also have to make sure my GPA is up and make sure I am passing all my classes with a very good GPA. So my grades will be very much important to me as with my classes as well. So now the only thing I am left to do, is enjoy what ever time I have left before school starts and once classes starts, I am off to school and going to be very busy with class.

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