My Concerns about moving on campus

You know one thing that is bugging me. That I am getting a college Roommate and living in an on campus Apartment. The one thing I am worried about is that I had not heard anything from my Roommate that I am getting on campus. I know I am suppose to coordinate what I am bringing to the dorm and since I have been sending emails to see if he responded and to this day, I have not heard anything back from him. So my main concerns about moving on campus, is not knowing a whole lot about my Roommate and moving on campus when I don’t know anything about my roommate. This is one thing I fret over because I feel like I am jumping into a pool of sharks and not knowing what kind of sharks are in the water that I am jumping into.

Though as a side note, I am starting to pack up why stuff that I would need for my dorm. I’ve started to pack my school supplies and what I would need for school. Now I am packing for what I would need for my dorm room and what I would need to survive in my down room even though I am living in a campus townhouse.

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