First week on campus.

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Okay, my first week on campus at Southern Connecticut State University went fairly well. I liked where I am staying on campus and I like the people who I am living with. I do like the campus as a whole and it seems to be far more better and they have far more services for those who have learning disabilities such as my self. I moved in on campus last Saturday and was very busy with getting my dorm room ready and getting what I need for college class as well. I even was getting use to the whole campus scene including meeting new people on campus and making new friends with people on campus.

Their are a couple of things I like about this new college I am in. First it’s the location, It’s not too far from home and that it’s fairly easy for me to commute home on the weekends. The other is that I am given a chance to boost my GPA from my current GPA for Nursing school. Which I have a year and a half to two years to complete prior to them deciding if they will let me in my junior year. Also the level of services for learning disabled college students like myself is far more better than the community college. They use technology and even include hearing services for those who have a hearing disability such as myself. Which I am Deaf in my right ear.

The down side of the college is the first year large classroom. Coming from a community college, I was never expected to be in a large lecture type classroom. It was a shock for me, because my history and human biology class has over a 100 students including me. So this was my first time sitting in a college classroom with over a 100 students. I know I was use to very small classroom and class size that was kept very small. Though now I am at the University level, things are far different from the community college level as well.

Though now I am on my weekends off and home for the weekend.Which is cool because it gives me time to come home and do my dirty laundry at home instead of on campus. It cost too much money to wash my clothes on campus and it’s far cheaper at home. So as far as blogging and video blogging, it will depend on how much free time I have and when I am free enough to do those things. So I have to balance those things out and I have to make sure I have time for everything.

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