Community Colleges Confront A Surge In Enrollment —

Community Colleges Confront A Surge In Enrollment —

So tell me, how bad is the economy when even our community colleges in the State of Connecticut, even for that matter around the country. Who can’t sustain the surge of students and people who are going back to school because of the recession and a worse economy. I think it’s sad and frankly very stupid that this state had to cut education in a bad economy, when they should have known that people are going to be forced back into college because they need to be retrained for jobs and retrain for a better degree. Education is one of those area’s that should be exempt from any cuts or lay off.  Even  in a bad economy and in this worse economic times.

You know the worse part of all this, Community colleges were expected to have an open enrollment policy where people are admitted no matter what. What I am finding that is very shocking is that Community colleges in my state alone, had to turn people away because classes that were either filled up or their was no space available left for them. Community colleges in effect where left unprepared for the onslaught of people coming into learn, relearn and didn’t prepare themselves for the onslaught in a very bad and very worse economy. I believe that the community colleges in Connecticut is likening to a Hurricane Katrina and the State Community Colleges were unprepared and didn’t see the tea leaves that because of the worse economy, people are going to community colleges to get their education and they simply weren’t prepared for the masses.

So I wonder what is the State of Connecticut going to do and offer to those who got turned away from the Community Colleges in Connecticut. What are they going to do for them and what are they going to compensate them with. If it was up to me, I would at the very least offer them priority registration for the next semester. Give them guarantee financial aid and even offer them to pay for their community college education while their financial aid is in the process. I think the State of Connecticut, should help out those who got turned away from the community college and I think the State should infuse more money into our higher education system and exempt them from budget cuts and layoffs.

Also as a side note, I wonder where is that stimulus package for the community colleges and universities that President Obama and the Democrat party that seem to harp about. I wonder where’s their stimulus check that would have helped pay for more professors and more classroom space at the community colleges. It seems that the democrats are all talk, but no action when it comes to the common man and their problems. This is the result of a bad economy and this is why community colleges are unprepared for the onslaught of people coming to college.

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