House Expands Federal Aid to College Students –

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House Passes Bill to Expand College Aid via House Expands Federal Aid to College Students –

I do like how they are going to make going to college a whole lot easier now. Now that Congress voted to make filling out those very intrusive and very demanding FASA aka Free application for Student Aid very easy to apply and even tie it into your income tax. I think their will be less stress for Students. The bill the house voted for is the Student Aid and Fiscal responsibility Act and it’s right now going to the Senate for approval before Obama’s signature to be come Law.

The part of the bill I like is that come July 1 2010, All Student loans have to be converted to the Federal governments Direct lending. Which means if the bill becomes law, I will no longer have to apply for a student loan through the bank and I would have to apply directly to the federal government. To me it is a very good idea because you cut out the banks and the middle man and you lend directly from the Federal Government instead of the banks. Though my main concern, is what will happen to the current loans that Students like myself have and what will the interest rates be with the feds.

I also like that they upping the Pell Grants and making scholarships tie into the cost of Living as well. Which is very good because in this tight economy, it’s hard for students like myself to pay for school, find work and even survive in this tight job market and tight economy. I just hope that this bill gets passed and it becomes a reality next year.

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