Blew my first A&P test

I’m just pissed today. The reason because I blew my first A&P test. I thought I was doing well, But I didn’t even get a good passing grade. I’m just pissed because I didn’t passed and It upseted me alot. I studied so hard for the test and trying to memorize stuff, but as soon as I start taking the test, I all the sudden forget what I was doing.

I think my problem is memorizing a lot of stuff and I believe I have issues with recalling what I need to memorize for class.  I have the issue with being able to recall what I need to learn and study. I can read the stuff and read the information, though my problem is that I can’t recall it when I take the test. I think I have what they call test fears because I can study for it, but when I take the actual test, I seem to have a hard time forgetting what I am taking the test or what test I am taking.

It’s like this, In Anatomy and Physiology, which is required for all those who are Nursing majors, Pre med majors and any health sciences majors. It’s a class that requires so much reading, studying, reviewing note and memorizing so much, such as facts, details and even body parts. It’s a hard class and it’s a required class that makes or break if someone gets into Nursing school, Med school or Physician Assistant School.

So today, I didn’t do well and not as worse as the next person, but I know it’s a wake up call for me to stop playing around and start studying my ass off in class. So I guess on Tuesday’s and Thursdays, I am going to have to devote at least 2 hours a day after class to study A&P and maybe even see about getting a study group going as well. Though I look at it on the bright side, I get one test I can blow away, but the rest I have to pass at least all three of them including the two other labs as well.

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