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Sea Patrol (TV series)
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I’m watching this show on Hulu. which is a very cool site to go on and watch TV shows and full length movies. This one show I am watching is about the Royal Australian Navy Patrol boat called the Sea Patrol. I think it’s a pretty cool show seeming it’s based on the Royal Australian Navy patrol boat HMAS Hammersley. Which I believe is a Fremantle class patrol boat and Armidale class patrol boat.  I think it equates to being the equivalent of  US Coast Guard 110ft Island class patrol boat cutter and the 179 ft Cyclone class coastal patrol boat.

As for the show itself. I think it’s a mix of drama and adventure in the Royal Australian Navy patrol boat fleet. I think the show is good and maybe a couple of years, they can import the show to the US and maybe do a version of Sea Patrol with the US Coast Guard or the US Navy. Though I think the format of the show could change to meet the US Navy and the US Coast Guard Standards, but this is in comparison to the Royal Australian Navy.

As for my review of the show, I think it’s very good and being that it’s based from Australia I would have to say it’s a very good show to watch and something to see all the time. I do like the drama and I do like the insight of the Royal Australian Navy and I always try and make comparison to how the Royal Australian Navy dose things to how the US Coast Guard dose things. Though a few things I think the Royal Australian Navy needs to learn from the US Coast Guard is how we chase down illegal people, vessel boardings and maritime law enforcement. other than that I Like the Sea patrol Show and I think you all should take a gander and watch an episode of it on Hulu.


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