American women, oblivious to their history of their footwear

ugg boot gang on the west side
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The one thing I notice on campus here is the seasonal changes that happen. Such as from Summer to fall. On campus one noticeable changes is when you see girls on campus starting to wear their UGG boots on campus. Then you know that fall and possibly winter is on the way over here. The one thing I see alot on campus is that women are starting to bring out their UGG boots. What I notice in them is that the women who Wear these UGG boots are oblivious to the history behind the footwear they are wearing around on Campus.

What Women in America may not realize and believe, is that UGG boots were originally worn by Men. Yes that’s right ladies, Men have worn UGG boots and not in America.  UGG boots were originally worn by Men in Australia by Sheep Shearers, World War 2 Aviators and in more recent times in the 1960’s by Surfers and competitive swimmers. What women in America do not understand is that Men who wear Ugg Boots are very popular in Australia and in Europe. Even American celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio, Justin Timberlake and Bruce Willis have all been seen wearing Ugg boots. Don’t believe me, Google Ugg boots and you’ll find a picture of them wearing their ugg boots.

It is a trend in Australia and in Europe that both men and women can be seen in Ugg boots, but for the moment, don’t expect to see the trend of men wearing Ugg boots to be imported to American shores just yet. Maybe in a few years down the road, but for right now, the only place guys can wear Ugg boots comfortably, is in Europe and Australia.  That’s because in America, Ugg boots are associated with what women wear and most women are oblivious to the history and the historical facts behind Ugg boots. Most American women I know of do not know and realize that those Ugg boots they are wearing were originally designed by men and are still being worn by men and women to this day.

I think that Men in America should wear Ugg Boots but the way the market trend is going right now, Ugg boots are more marketed towards women and that the only way American men are going to wear Ugg boots is if they buy them from overseas and bring them back to America.  As for me, I may think about getting Ugg boots myself to prove a point in America that Ugg Boots aren’t exclusively for women. Men have worn them for over a 100 years and they were originally designed by men as well.


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2 thoughts on “American women, oblivious to their history of their footwear

  1. The reason why American women are not aware that the Uggs they are wearing are originally worn by men is that they think Uggs were designed for women. American women don’t read up on the history of their footwear and don’t realize that men have been wearing them for a century and they still do. I think that in due time, American men will be wearing Uggs in the same way as women, once they read the history behind them and see for what it is. For now, American women will think that Uggs are for them and will not know the history of them.

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