Realities of blogging

Their is a blog out their who I will not name that wrote a blog about me in a very, very bad way. I didn’t like what they wrote on their blog about me, but being this is America and everyone has the right to Freedom of Speech in this country including the right to write about anything or on anyone they want. That includes people who write online and write on blogs and forums. The only thing I can do is disagree with their writings and write a response on my blog without naming such blog.

So the way I see it, I didn’t like what they wrote about me and what they said about me, but it is well within the confines of the first amendment rights and the freedom of speech. Even though that’s freedom of speech in America and everyone is entitled to that right as an American citizen. I think they should set limits to that type of writing people write because if we allow that type of writing, what kind lesson are we teaching our kids about what we post online as adults.

So for me, I’m not scared or shock anymore if anyone writes anything bad or good about me, because I’m through with all the shock I’ve seen online and nothing will ever shock me or faze me ever again. It’s like being bullied and it doesn’t even bother me anymore. It just proves that society has devolved downward and not evolved to the next level. That’s why I will write on my blogs and make videos regardless what people say or think about me because I learned that It doesn’t matter what people think of me, because the only person that really matters more is me and myself.

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