Anonymous bloggers

One thing I have to say about people who write anonymous blogs and post anonymous blogs online. They are frankly in my opinion are nothing but coward people who hide behind anonymity. Those people who wrote a defaming blog about me are nothing but pure cowards because they are scared and not man enough to put their names to the blog they wrote.  That’s the one thing I do not like about anonymous blogs and anonymous bloggers. They are afraid and frankly are nothing more than coward people who aren’t man enough put their name behind the blog.

That’s why when I saw that blog post on a blog who I will not name because they are pure cowards who hide behind anonymity and are not man enough to put their real names behind the blog. I was pissed when I saw that blog post and  told one of my shipmates about it, he knew full well who that blog was. Basically, anonymity and anonymous bloggers are the lowest life form in my book. Those who write anonymous blog post and hide behind anonymity are pure cowards who aren’t man enough to put their faces and names behind the blogs they write.

That’s why in all of my blogs, I put my face and my name behind the blogs I write. I place transparency on my blog and I make sure what I write in  my blogs is who I am and who the writer is really all about. Those who claim to say they are transparent in all their blogs, but then write anonymous and hide behind anonymity are not really transparent anyway. They are just coward writers who are afraid to show themselves and put their name behind what they wrote.

So this is why anonymous blogs and anonymous bloggers are one of pet peeves I do not like because if your not Man enough write a blog and put your real name behind the blogs people write in. Your basically are nothing but a coward and a loser if your not Man enough put your Real name behind any blog, post or forum online.

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