Regents Raise Tuition 32 Percent in California –

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Regents Raise Tuition 32 Percent in California –

I have no sympathies for those Students and Faculty at the University of California system who protested about a 32% hike in tuition.  If they don’t like how much they are paying to go to college. They should have simply packed up and move elsewhere to get their education. Their are other states out their with far better college education at a lower cost than the University of California system.  They whine and complain like little kids when they have to pay more to get their college education. That’s why California is going down the drain faster than any other state and they can thank their  Prop 13 which doesn’t allow them to raise taxes. As a result, they are forced to cut services and programs in the state of California.

Just look at my University, I’m an in state student at Southern Connecticut State University and I only pay at least $20,000 a year to go to Southern Connecticut State University. The people at the University of California system whine and put up a temper tantrum like little babies complaining about paying too much.  That’s why those people need a lesson in Reality and the reality is that if the State is short on money, they are gona have to raise taxes somehow to pay for all the things they want to have. They need to know that nothing is ever free or handed to you. They need to learn that the price of education is going to go up one way or the other. So they need to learn to suck it up and deal with the hike in college tuition.

Heck, if they want my advice. Two things they can do, one transfer to a community college and do the first two years their and then transfer to a 4 yr university. The other is if they can afford it, they can pack up and move to another state where they can afford the college education and pay at a lower cost. They need to stop whining and complaining like little kids. Heck over here they raise tuition and you don’t see college kids in New England complaining because we learn to deal with it and suck it up and deal with it.

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