My Thanksgiving weekend

Okay, my thanksgiving weekend went okay. I didn’t eat Turkey because all I did was helped my folks move from one town to another. I am not telling where I moved to because of security issues and I’m basically cautious of people finding out where I live. So I helped my folks moved into a very nice house on the side of a hill in a very good neighborhood which is far more better than living in an urban city. So which means I live in a suburban small town and not a city anymore.

The one highlight of helping my folks move was when I helped my folks donated some use clothes to the Salvation Army center. I donated a pair of boots, clothes and winter jackets to the Salvation Army Center. I know the Major who runs the Salvation Army Center in New Britain, Ct. So I helped him out on Thanksgiving by donating the clothes and boots my folks gave to the Salvation Army Center. The Salvation Army in New Britain, Ct is one my favorite charitable places I like to donate food, clothing and furniture. When I donate to the Salvation Army, I donate directly to the center where it’s needed the most and I make sure I hand deliver it to the neediest.  Such as when I donated a pair of Army boots to the mens shelter, one of the guys their thanked me for the pair of boots because he needed a pair for the coming winter season and it fitted him very well.

So for my Thanksgiving, I gave my thanks to make sure someone else less fortunate get what the need for the holidays.  I donated clothes, and food to the Salvation Army center and I did something good for Thanksgiving instead of having a Thanksgiving dinner.

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