Super busy Nick

Okay, Lately, I hadn’t blogged or done any Youtube videos. That can be two things, one, I am very busy with college and my college classes at Southern Connecticut State University keep me very busy and very active. The other is that my girlfriend Alexis, keeps me very busy and very deep into her. So I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t had any time for myself as well. The only time I ever have for myself is when I am at home in my own room and in my own queen size bed.

So all and all, Things are going fine with college. I know I’ve been studying hard and trying to pass at least four out of five classes. The hardest class I have to face is my Human biology class. The only class I have an iffy of passing is my Elementary Algebra class. The last test I took knock down what ever chance I have to pass the class, but I am hoping that I can pass the final exam and put me into the passing range. Other than that, I know I am going to be here year round and that includes summer school as well.

The other is that since I have a girlfriend and Alexis keeps me so deep into her with her infectious smile and laugh. Me and Alexis have been together since October. The only thing I am going to say is that were both into each other and very deep into each other personally and romantically. We see each other on campus alot and she lives off campus and I live on campus. Which is kinda cool, and on campus everyone sees me and Alexis as a dating couple and a relationships.

So anyway, I’ve been super busy on campus and with my girlfriend and because of that, I hadn’t blogged in while and I really gotta get back to blogging at least when I get a chance. So Now I have to get back and study for my final exams now, see ya later

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