Italy Verdict Draws Ire in the U.S. –

Italy Verdict Draws Ire in the U.S. –

I think that the Italian legal system is as corrupt as the Mafia and they are very barbaric. They just convicted an American girl by the name of Amanda Knox on so much circumstantial evidence that none of which would ever hold up in any court including the US and the International Court. The fact is the Italians convicted Miss Knox because Italians have a long hatred for Americans and they wanted to make an example out of the poor American girl. The Italians have a long anti American sentiment and they used miss Knox as an example to show their sentiment towards Americans.  The fact that the Italians convicted someone using very little evidence and based on someone’s past is the reason why the Italians and the Italian Government is corrupt and inept. They need to be punished and I hope the US Government dose all it can to free Amanda Knox from Italy and they punish Italy for a sham trial

I firmly believe that Amanda Knox is and was tortured by the Italian legal system and the Italian prison system into confessing and making a false statement. I believe that the Italian prison system and the Italian police tortured Amanda and even denied her the right to seek help from the US Embassy in Italy. I am saying that Amanda was the victim of legal torture and Amanda is being railroaded by the Italian system.  I also believe that that Italian government is making Amanda Knox a political prisoner.

I am right now calling for all Americans to boycott traveling to Italy and boycott all things Italian until the Italian government free Amanda Knox and openly apologizes for wrongly convicting her. To go even further, I believe that all American Universities should ban and even suspend Italian studies and overseas trip to Italy until they free Amanda Knox and fix their legal system because if they can railroad Amanda, what’s going to stop them from railroading another American college student studying anywhere in the world as well. I am calling for all universities and colleges in America to stop teaching Italian until the Italian government frees Amanda Knox and cleans up their corrupt and inept legal system.

I would also be ashamed if my American government, the Obama Administration and the US State Department, doesn’t do anything or act swiftly to free Amanda Knox and bring her back to US Soil. America dose not allow it’s people to be held hostage by some foreign government and the Obama Administration should be doing all it can to free Amanda Knox.

This is why I will never ever in my lifetime visit Italy and I will boycott all things Italian and I hope that my friends and family can do the same thing as well. Italy should be boycotted and the US State Department should place a permanent travel warning on going to Italy. To the Italian Government, you will no longer get my business or my tourist dollars until you free Amanda Knox.

So as an American citizen, I am asking for Mr Obama, the Obama Administration and Secretary Hilliary Clinton do all they can to free Amanda Knox from the corrupt and inept Italian legal system and bring her back to US Soil. No American should be subjected to any other countries legal system or be subjected to the prison system.  No American citizen should ever be tortured by a foreign government or a foreign legal system

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