Why College Shouldn’t Take Four Years: Lamar Alexander | Newsweek Education | Newsweek.com

Why College Shouldn’t Take Four Years: Lamar Alexander | Newsweek Education | Newsweek.com.

You have wonder why is it that in the United States of America, that it takes 6 years to just earn a Bachelors degree while in the rest of the world it only takes 3 years to earn a Bachelors degree. With the economy in America being in shambles right now, I think that American four year universities and colleges should consider or should switch their education system from the old and antiquated 4 year college system to a 3 year college education system.

The problem is that in this country we waste so much time on meaningless classes and wast so may years in college taking classes that would not prepare us for the working world. I think that Colleges and Universities waste an extra year because they need the money, but in this tight economy. I think Colleges and Universities should scrap the idea of a 4 year education and make all college degrees a 3 year education and make it where getting a college degree in 3 years is possible instead of stretching it to 6 years. I mean stretching it to 6 years would be a waste of someone’s time and it would not get them out to the working world fast enough.

That’s why I think the American College education education system needs a major overhaul because if it takes 4 years to educate someone while someone in Europe and Canada is doing the same thing in 3 years. I think our country needs to have a serious look at our education system and find out what we need to do to be on par with the rest of the world instead of falling behind. I think that the 3 year college education system will not only save the state money, it would also get people out in the working world faster and even get those into graduate school faster instead of lagging behind in an old and outdated 4 year system.

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