Free Amanda Knox – The Trump Blog

Free Amanda Knox – The Trump Blog.

When Donald Trump speaks, I’ll bet my money that Rome will be listening to Donald Trump more than Hilliary Clinton. I think Donald trump should have been made either US Secretary of treasury or US Secretary of State. When I saw this blog that Donald Trump wrote about Amanda Knox, I bet everyone including Rome will be listening to what Mr Trump has to say.

The blog was very interesting to say the least because Donald Trump is calling for everyone to boycott Italy until they free Amanda Knox. I think Donald Trump should go to Italy and use his influences to Free Amanda Knox and demand that the Italian prosecutor that wrongly jailed her be sent to prison as well.  The blog is very interesting to read and I would recommend everyone to read this blog.

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One thought on “Free Amanda Knox – The Trump Blog

  1. People are analyzing what happenned incorrectly, and, therefore, are missing the picture.

    It might not be that difficult to understand what happenned if we begin from the right place.

    Let’s begin with what we can say we trust we know: The toilet in the bathroom.

    The toilet in the bathroom tells us that Guede was at the scene. He has not argued that he was not at the scene at the approximate time of the murder. He has stated that he held her after she was cut.

    This does not mean he killed her. This is a “squared” fact…Guede was there, and Guede held her after she was cut. Let’s start from there.

    Blood on the pillowcase — fits to what Guede has stated. Guede’s DNA in and on her body — fits what Guede has stated, and he hasn’t said incredibly much. Now, she’s cut, Guede is holding her, and he touches a number of things.

    Did Guede use the bathroom before or after she was cut? Let’s say probably before, because after she is cut his motivation is escape and he would certainly have flushed the toilet. The toilet is not flushed because he was hiding in the bathroom. Hiding from who? He doesn’t flush the toilet because he doesn’t want the toilet to make noise — because he is trying to hear something.

    Remember that Guede stated that he was in the bathroom AND had his iPod on listening to music. Let’s accept that as true. He’s not rushing in order to escape, and he’s not worried, he’s listening to music.

    When he goes into the bathroom he is not hiding. When he goes into the bathroom he is not really worried. What changes that? Find the piece…There’s someone outside the door saying something that sounds mutedly strange. The speakers don’t realize he is there in the bathroom. Had either of the voices been that of intruding strangers, the closed bathroom door would have been cause for immediate alarm.

    The parties in the hall know the living patterns and habits of the occupants and reflexively do not suspect the bathroom door. Another way to put this: Because you live with the people there, you know that if you come in and there is one of you housemates in the bathroom, within in 2 minutes either that person will come out to check or call out to see who’s home. No one does either, you reflexively assume there is no person in the bathroom. Who is assuming this? Who is in the hallway…?

    More interestingly, what if the person in the hall knew that two of the roomates are away for several days, and the person has indication that the other roommate is in her room. It’s reflexive deduction: “The bathroom door is closed , but no one is in there.”

    How let’s break from these facts and establish a timeline framework — but not a timeline for the murder. Let’s establish and look at what we know binds all of this together: The statements of the parties involved. Who said what, when. and why…Then we’ll place our facts around our insights.

    Guede in the bathroom. Guede with music. Guede doesn’t flush. Guede holds Meredith ( not masking evidence — more concerned, than “smart” ).

    (more soon) ( What actually happenned … )

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