A Soldier Made of Glass

A Soldier Made of Glass

Their is a Soldier in the Israeli Defense forces who has has a medical disability called Osteogenesis imperfecta and is serving in the Israeli military. This person by the name of Cpl. Idan Cohen is a clear example why disabled people can work in the military. If the US Military would simply take the lessons from the IDF and see how they do things and try to at least apply it in the US Military, think disabled people can serve in the US military as well. I think this is why the Israeli Defense forces are at the forefront of the Military and the IDF is leading the way and showing other militaries around the world that having disabled people in the service dose not hinder combat effectiveness and combat readiness.  What these disabled soldiers do in the IDF is to free up able bodied people who can go into Combat jobs and Combat units while leaving all the non combat and combat service support jobs to those who have a disability.

The article in the Israeli Defense forces website clear shows that a solider with a medical disability can clearly serve in the Military and clearly fulfill his goals of serving in the military regardless of his disability. This is why I believe that the IDF is far more advance in letting people serve regardless if they have a disability or they are Gay. It clearly proves to the rest of the world’s military that having women, gays and disabled people in the service dose not hinder the job and it only makes the job  easier and it gets the job done regardless of the person.

The only thing I have to say is that Cpl. Idan Cohen of the IDF would never be able to serve in the US Military with his disability because they would reject him automatically and the only place the US Military would send someone with a disability is either the US Coast Guard Auxiliary or the Civil Air Patrol. That’s why I think Cpl. Idan Cohen got it made when the the IDF lets him serve with his medical disability. I also believe this is why the US military should look to the IDF and see how they integrate Gays, women and people with disabilities into the Israeli defense forces and take a page or playbook from them. At least with the IDF, they can show other militaries around the world in how they integrated women, gays and those with a disability into the IDF and they seem to not have any problems with them.

I like the article and I think everyone with a disability should check it out and look to it as inspiration. I just hope that someday within my lifetime or my next life that the US Military looks to the IDF and apply’s what the IDF has done in terms of allowing those with a medical disability to serve in the military.

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