Qaeda-Linked Group Claims It Was Behind Bomb Attempt –

Ladies and gentlemen, let the Mass hysteria begin. This country is falling behind so badly in every form of security that it’s not even funny anymore. Heck, I feel much safer in Europe or even in Israel for that matter than I do in the US with  Janet Napolitano at the Helm of DHS. At the going rate were at right now, every time a terrorist tries to attack this country or an airplane, we might as well be flying nude and this nation might as well start learning to fly nude if this keeps up. Just imagine that if this keeps up we may have to start flying nude and imagine sitting next to a fat 250 pound naked man.

Boy, you though the DHS motto under the Bush administration was “Heck’uva job Bronwnie!”. Now the new DHS motto under the Obama Administration at the hands of Janet Napolitano is “The system worked”. I sure like to know 3 question, What system, who’s running it and who was sleeping on guard duty when this crap happened, so we can get him or her out of the job and reassigned to guard duty at the Dog pound.

Here’s my suggestion to improve security in the US. Fire all the incompetent and inept people including Janet Napolitano. Second, pay the Israelis to overhaul our security system pay them to train DHS to use the Israeli security system. Third use the system that the IDF has in place where their soldiers are allowed to carry their rifles where ever they go even on US transportation systems. That means allowing our US soldiers, sailors, Airmen, marines and coasties carry their US issued rifles where ever they go.  That way we don’t have a repeat of this fiasco.

via Qaeda-Linked Group Claims It Was Behind Bomb Attempt –

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