A year of changes ahead

Okay, a new year and a decade down. So at least I survived the 1st  10 years of 2000 and looking forward to another decade at least. So for the new year, I’m looking forward to ever changing year and things looking  up for me. I knew 2009 was a good year for me and things were looking all up and 2009 was a year of changes that I saw happening to me. Such as transferring from the community college to a 4 year university. The unexpected thing that happened was when a girlfriend by the name of Alexis walked into my life and now I think that fulfills part of my life as well. Also in 2009, I finally moved my blog from blogger, which i didn’t like because I didn’t have any control to WordPress, which I finally have control of my blog.  so for 2009 I had a pretty good year and things are looking good for me and I can look forward to more interesting things in 2010 as well.

So for 2010, I am looking forward to doing a lot of things as well. For 2010 with my main blog, I am looking at the idea of hosting my own blog and looking at moving my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and looking at buying my own domain and getting a company to host my blog. I am looking at moving on up in the blog world and I know blogger is mainly a beginners blog and WordPress is an intermediate to advance blog. So that’s why I’m intermediate enough to move from having my blog hosted on some site to having my blog hosted on  my own site and having my own domain name. Which is why I am looking this year to having my own blog host and my own blog name.

Also for 2010, as far as academics and college is concern, I am going to focus on going to college year round. That means for my college goals, I am going to go to college year round and I am going to try and graduate college in 3 years instead of 4 or 5 years. My only breaks will be in August and in January. I am following the same path my younger brother did and he graduated in 3 years instead of 4 years. That means in my 3rd year, I can focus on going to Physician Assistant school or medical school. Instead of doing a 4th year at undergraduate university. That’s why I want to graduate early and at least start focusing on professional graduate school instead of being stuck in undergraduate school.

As far as looking for part time work, I am going to keep my eye out as well. Even though the economy is very tough and rough for finding work in light of the very bad economy in this country and it’s hitting harder for college students like me. So one of my goals as well is to look for part time work that can pay me while I am attending college full time. I am going to keep looking while I am in college and hope to land one by the end of the year at least. At least with a part time work, I can use the money to help pay down the cost of college.

As far as for my Auxiliary work, one of my main goals is by the end of the year is to get qualified in Marine safety and environmental protection. Work towards my Trident pin including getting all my ICS certs done and getting my MSEP ribbon by the end of the year. That way I can start working towards my trident award and knock down those 96 hours a year required to get that Trident award. It’s one of those things I want to get done and get the ball rolling as well.

So anyway, I am going to look forward to a very busy and very active 2010 and look forward to having a lot of ground covered and a lot of  work being done as well. I am looking forward to being very busy and very active and in 2010, I see a year of changes and moving forward instead of being stuck behind. So in 2010, I will try to have fun and at least enjoy my life in the process as well.

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