Blog update

Okay, I hadn’t blogged in a while because I was busy moving into a new house and finally in 33 yrs I moved out of New Britain and I moved to an undisclosed location. So when I get back to campus, I can say that all I did was moved from a city to a small suburban town. It’s a change from living in an urban city to a suburban town and I like where I am living right now, though I miss having acces to a local train station and the conveniences that I would normally find in the city.

I also have two weeks left  in my vacation and I am now switching gears from vacation back to college mode. My one mistake I made in the last semester was that I didn’t drop a class that I wasn’t doing well in and now it’s affecting my grades and now this semester I learned my lesson. Which is every mid semester, if I am not doing very well I am going to immediately drop that class and retake it in the summer. Now I am looking forward to go to college year round and that includes the summer session as well. I just hope to graduate from college in 3 years instead of 4 years.

Anyway as far as the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, some recent developments have come about. In my 5 years of with the Auxiliary. I am now being appointed as Flotilla Staff officer- Secretary/Records. Which means for a young guy like me in the Auxiliary, I have to step it up and step up the plate for leadership. Which means I have to prove to myself, my flotilla and my whole district that I can be an FSO in the Auxiliary and I can do the job they asked me to do. I also think it’s a first for me because, not only am I going to be the first Auxiliary FSO who is deaf in one ear and who is born with an intersex medical condition as well. So I am excited about the position that I am getting into and I hope to learn alot and learn to do the job that the Auxiliary gives me. This is also on top of my Marine safety and environmental protection training as well and working towards getting trident qualified as well.

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