Heading back to College

Okay today was the last day I’m at the house and I’m on my way back to college from a long winter break. I think 5 weeks was way too long of a winter break and 4 weeks would have been okay. So now I’m packing my stuff to head back on Campus and getting my books I need for class as well. I started packing my stuff and started to plan on what I am doing this spring semester. On top of that, This spring semester is my make or break for me because i have to come up with some decent grades and at least pass all my classes with a C – or above.  I also have to study my ass off and yes I have to make some block scheduling in my study as well. Even though I like to play Modern Warfare online alot and after class, I have to stop playing that and only play on Fridays and the weekends. As far as doing any Youtube videos or such, that will largely depend upon my schedule and how much free time I have. This semester I am looking at changing my major from Nursing to Public health as a way of getting into Medical school or Physician Assistant school. So tomorrow for me is going to be a very long and very busy day for me and I pretty much won’t have any free time until tomorrow evening when I am settled down and settled into the College routine.

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