A personal update.

Sorry ya, if I hadn’t blogged in a while. I’ve pretty much been busy with college classes here at southern and with my new position in the Auxiliary. It’s been hard for me to blog when you have college classes and the Auxiliary to contend with. On top of all that, I am dealing with issues around my girlfriend and those issues are personal and I’m not gona reveal them.

As far as college, this spring semester is going ok. I had a roommate issue because my roommate complained that I snore in bed and he wanted to move out. He complained I snore in bed even though he snores as well. So now, I have a room totally to myself in the townhouse and that’s all fine for me. As for my college classes, they are going ok and the focus on me for this semester is to never slack off. Keep up with the class and come out with a GPA or a minimum of 2.0.  I am going to look forward to summer school because at least it keeps me busy and it keeps me working on my college degree and I can graduate early and at least in 3 years.

As far as with the Auxiliary, I am getting a handle on my new position, which is Flotilla Staff officer- Secretary/Records (FSO-SR). I am slow getting use to the new position and I am slowly learning how to do the job more effectively and more better. I think this is becoming an eye opener for me because this position is showing me how important everything is and how every detail is important. It’s even more important and I am learning to write everything down and record everything. That’s why for me, I think I am learning alot about paying attention to every detail and recording every detail.

Anyway, things are doing fine for me, though personally, I’m a bit tired from classes and I think next semester I am going to make sure that I do not get early morning classes unless they are very necessary. So I gotta get back to homework now, I’ll see ya later.

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