Skype on TV: Will the videophone finally be reality? –

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Skype on TV: Will the videophone finally be reality? –

I believe this is going to be the wave of the future. This will mean that you can video call your friends and family from long distances and even across the country. All in the comforts of your Living room. Skype is making it possible and for those who use Skype, this will mean that you now have the possibility of using a camera equipped flat screen tv to make video calls or Skype Call anyone.  You already are seeing the Skype being used on computers, Laptops and even on Mobile phones to make free calls or even cheap land line calls as well.

I use Skype alot and I use Skype to not only make Skype calls with my friends online, I even conduct video calls with them as well. I promote Skype alot and I even say all the good things about Skype to all my friends and family. Even on Campus, Skype is my alternative to making long distance calls and make video calls. That is the one feature I like about Skype and that’s the ability to make video calls. That way you can see who your talking to on the other line and they can see you as well. What’s even better is that if your studying overseas and you want to call home, Skype is a very cheap way of making phone calls  back home and it only cost penny’s on the dollar.

I like skype so much and I like Skype’s features and I predict that Skype will be the wave of the future and I think that within 10 years down the road, people will be able to skype call anyone from the comforts of their living room or Dorm room with a Flat screen tv that is equipped with a web camera. I use Skype on my laptop and I always make sure I have a Laptop or desktop that is equipped with a mic and a web cam. You also can Skype me and my Skype name is Kamododragoon.

If your interested in getting skype, here is the link to Skype:

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