US Health care reform

Okay, I am going to weigh in on Congress‘s Vote on Health care reform.  I think that Universal health care coverage should be a right in America and that every American should have some type of health care coverage no matter if they are rich or poor.  What  Congress did last night, sent a message that Health care reform will become the law of the land and that everyone in America will have some type of universal health care coverage. Now I am all in favor of the Health care reform that our congress and the President is pushing for America. It may not be perfect, but at least it’s a start somewhere and I hope that with changes, they can make it where everyone has some type of universal health care coverage. I think what congress did, set the ground work for future changes where people will universal health care coverage and that universal health care coverage will become a right and the law of the land.

The only problem with health care reform that I see in America is that how are we going to fund this and how are we going to get more doctors, nurses, physician assistants and allied health staff. I think that Health care reform should include funding more training for more doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants and allied health staff to meet the demands of universal health care. The one thing I would likes to see, is that their is a public option for those who are poor and can’t afford health care. I would likes to see a public option compete with the private HMO‘s and give people the option to choose a public or private health care.

So as the health care reform becomes the law of the land in America, i think it’s a good start somewhere despite being imperfect. It is a good start to get reforms going and it’s something to work off of to get to the eventual Universal health care  coverage. It may not be perfect, but I think that it is a good start and I can see years down the road where people will have a right to universal health care coverage in America and where people will have equal access to health care. I support the health care reform that congress voted and pass and I think that after the smoke clears and people will calm down. People will accept that health care reform is a reality and that everyone will understand it years down the road.

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