The backlash: Reform turns personal – Yahoo! News

The backlash: Reform turns personal – Yahoo! News.

It’s a shame that that these Tea baggers have to resort to violence all because they don’t like what our congress and our president has done.  What these Tea baggers are doing is unamerican and totally wrong. What they are doing is no different than what we are doing to fight terrorism.  What i see is wrong is that these tea baggers are directing their anger in a wrong way. They need to put their money where their mouth is and either run for office or form your own political party. These Tea baggers like to talk the talk, but i don’t see them walk the walk and run against them. So these Tea baggers need to put their money where their mouth is and need to show some action instead of word. If these so called tea baggers are so upset about our current politicians, when how come I don’t see them running for office against them. How come they pound the grass more than pound the pavement.  These tea baggers need to stop with the violence and need to put up or shut up. I think than anyone who uses violence against are politicians should be called out and in fact reported to the feds. I also think that what these tea baggers are doing is not helping their cause and is in fact alienating them and hurting them big time. They think what they are doing is helping them, but it’s not and it’s only gona hurt them more.

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