What’s up with women and leggings these days.

What’s up with Women these days wearing leggings as if they are pants. I mean, I see lots and lots of women wearing leggings around and frankly I can see almost everything and even see right down to their flaws and panties. I have nothing against women who wear leggings as pants, as long as they have the body type and they work out alot. Though what I am seeing on campus, is that their are women out their who don’t work out and are the ones who look like their fat wearing leggings. It’s unsightly and frankly I think it’s down right exhibitionist.  Some of these women that can wear leggings and get away with it and some don’t. I think it’s ok for women to wear leggings as pants as long as they are not making a peep show out of themselves and that they wear it appropriately. It’s like this, I don’t want to see woman wear leggings that can show everything right down to what type of panties she is wearing. At least they can put an over sized t shirt on or at least a skirt.

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