New Space Record: 4 Women in Orbit at the Same Time – Yahoo! News

New Space Record: 4 Women in Orbit at the Same Time – Yahoo! News.

Okay, this gives the whole new meaning to the Mile High club. Not only is NASA breaking a new record with 4 women in space at the same time, NASA broke the sex record for the Mile High club. So dose this mean that the one guy that’s going to be living on the International space station, have exclusive membership to the really Mile High club. I would bet that guys on Earth would be fighting over a spot on the next space shuttle to pick up these women.  I can only imagine what kind of fight NASA men will be having to go up on the next shuttle trip to the International Space Station. My only worries is if one of them decides to try parallel park the international Space station or the place starts to smell like fish. I can Imagine God now must be saying “Their goes the neighborhood”. I even bet you can hear them YAK, YAK, YAK all the way from the International Space station to Earth. Though I am gona feel so sorry for the one guy left on the international space station. I hope he packed enough condoms and sex toys with him for the trip. I can bet that this will make the late night jokes on Leno and Letterman.

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