Campus Social life

One thing I learned about coming to a 4 year university on campus is that if your not a member of a college fraternity, sorority, a member of a  club, club leader or play sports on campus. Your a nobody and your not that important person on campus. I have notice this when I came to Southern Connecticut State University and I started to see that if your not active on campus in clubs, sports, fraternities and sororities.  Your not an important person on campus. Your not among the popular students and your well hidden from the popular crowed. I see it day in and day out on campus and around campus. Where curtain people who are with the popular crowed, are ones who play sports or are the ones who are active in Greek Life  and social clubs. They seem to be in the know more and seem to be more popular when they are around campus. You see them around campus alot where people hang out with the popular crowed and seem to congregate with the popular crowed.

As for me, I’m not the one who plays sports. I never joined a fraternity or sorority. I was never part of the social club scene on campus. That’s why I’m just an average student who never got involve on campus because I have always felt like I was being left out and made to feel like I was not part of something.  That’s why I never joined any clubs on campus or joined any sports teams or fraternities, sororities. I never did because I always felt like if I joined something on campus, I was expecting to do something or be part of something.  Where in reality, that’s not the case and as a result, my interest wains and I quickly lose interest in the club, sports teams, sorority or fraternity. I simply drop out of them because when i feel like I’m being left out and not included. I often wonder what’s it worth for me and wonder if it was worth it to join a campus group when I’m getting anything out of it.

That’s why I don’t join any campus based clubs,Greek groups or even play sports anymore. If I’m gona feel as if I am gona be left out, then why is it worth my time to join something when I am not getting anything out of it. It makes me wonder and I often wonder why is and was  it worth it to be in a campus group when your not made to feel your part of something or your doing something with the group. Something I think about all the time and it doesn’t bother me because I don’t care about it and it doesn’t faze me anymore.

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