My relationship status

As far as my relationship stands with my girlfriend, it’s officially off at the moment because we are having some sort of falling out and the fact that her Jewish grandmother is the road block to our relationship. What this means for me is that I’m still gona be friends and stick with her as friends, but it’s no longer boyfriend and girl friend thing. It’s going to be just friends until she can fix her issues. What it also means for me, is that I am single and open to new relationship and free again to find another girl to date and possible have a relationship with. I know I will stick by my friend and not as a boyfriend, but as a social friend. Right now, I am just coming off of a relationship and taking time off so I can look for someone in or near my age group.

Personally, I think it sucks when your single and you don’t have a girlfriend. It makes you feel like your not part of society, when you don’t have someone close to you in life besides your family. I know my family will always come first before anything else. That’s why, I’m putting my current relationship off until she can fix her issues and I am right now going to be out looking again. Though the big question for me is , how long will I remain single and how long will I remain being alone and without companionship of having someone to hang out with.

Though for me, I’m not too worried because I know that I have my life and I have better things to do than to worry about being single. I know I am just going to be focusing on my life and what’s important to me. I know I have said in the past, that If some woman walks into my life and has a relationship with me, than that’s fine. Though if one doesn’t , than I’m not worried and it won’t bother me for one bit. So anyway, I’m officially off with my girlfriend for now and putting her on hold and I am officially back on the market and available to any woman.

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