HH-60 Jayhawk Landing at the Sector Long Island Sound Open house

HH-60 Jayhawk Landing
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HH-60 Jayhawk Landing

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Today I was at the US Coast Guard Sector Long Island Open house and the highlight of today was when the HH-60 Jayhawk from Cape Cod Mass. Made a grand entrance to the crowed. I was lucky enough to get very close when it was landing in the parking lot and boy talk about rotor wash. I sure felt the Jayhawk’s rotor wash and the winds from the Jayhawk.

The Open house is like an annual event that the Sector puts on every year to show case the US Coast Guard and the equipment that we use and carry. I go to the open house every year because it’s also a meet and greet with other Auxiliary units and it’s also where Auxiliarist get together once a year for a social call and to show case the Coast Guard Auxiliary to the public as well.

Overall the Open house was a success and that this year with the nice weather and all. It drew in a bigger crowed and this was the biggest that I have ever seen. I guess with the nice weather and the helio’s brought more people to the open house than ever.

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