Lessons learned of a University student.

Okay folks, I survived one year at Southern Connecticut State University.  It was filled with challenges, set backs and a long transition from one mind set to another. I survived the first year as a University student I knew my transition from a Community College student to a University student would be very long and very rough. I learned a couple of lessons on what it takes from being a Community college student to a University Student and I believe it’s all about the mindset and mentality.  It’s different mindset from being a Community College Student to a University Student because academically, and socially, things are very different and each has it’s own mindset on how things are done.

One of the first things I learned about being a University student, is that academically, things are very different from a Community College. You literally have to change from being a Community College to a University student from the very first day you step on campus. The mindset academically is different because your challenged more in the University classes versus the Community Colleges. You have to work a lot harder than you in the Community colleges and you have to really study your butt off as well. In the University, you have to put more time into your classes than you do in the Community Colleges. Even your grades are different because you have to work a lot harder to for your grades and you literally can not go any lower than a C-. The lesson in all this is that academically, I thought I was really read from a Community College student standpoint, but realized now that I was caught naked and unprepared for what the University expected out of me academically.

Even with my transition from a Community College student to a University student, I thought I had a very smooth transition and I thought I was fully prepared for the University level education. I didn’t realize that things are very different because when you started at the Community college, you are taught their mindset and not the mindset of the University level. When I transferred to the University. I was in for a shock and that I had to change my mindset right then and their. What I learned from all this is that my transition from a Community College student to a University student was very rough and that I feel that I will fully transition to the University mindset by the end of this year. The lesson in all this is that you have to be fully prepared, academically and mentally for the University that you plan on transferring to.

As far as social wise, I had to readjust on the fly because I learned that things are different from a community college to the University on a social level. That is because, being that I came from a Community college, they had no social activities for community college students. That was because because the nature of the community college is that people work full or part time while going to school. So they don’t have time for all the social activities in the Community College. When I came to the University, I was blown away by the fact that they had social activities and things you can do in the evening. Such as join social clubs, sports, intramural or work out in the gym and swimming pool. The sad part was that I never took part in any social clubs or even worked out in the gym that was offered in the University because I was still on that Community College mindset. The lesson in all this is that you break the mold of the community college and go with the flow with what the University has to offer for you. I should have taken advantage of and joined clubs, sports team or social clubs on campus. My plan for this fall coming up is to take advantage of all the sports teams out their and join some social and academic clubs as well.

Now living on campus was one of my biggest challenges that I had to face, because I never lived on campus in a Dorm and I never had to deal with Roommates. That was because being that I came from Community College, I always commuted to my classes and commuted back home. When I moved on campus at Southern Connecticut State University, I was overwhelmed because I had all the freedom and independence from my folks and that I was able to do things that I would not normally do at home. On top of that I had roommates and in my first semester, I had good roommates to deal with. Then in my Last semester, I had bad roommates to deal with and as a result I was easily stressed out by them. What was really nice about living on campus, is that I didn’t have to commute and I always hated commuting to school. Living on campus, I didn’t have to commute to class and I didn’t have to lug everything for the day. So what I learned, is that I enjoyed living on campus and I didn’t even have to commute to class.

The final thing I have to say personally is that you really have to prepare for things on campus. Such as knowing that you really need rain boots on campus if you live on the North Campus and your class is in Engleman hall and you have to walk in the Rain. Walking to class in the rain and with your sneakers is very bad and it soaks your sneakers. The other is to have a very big Umbrella and a very good waterproof rain coat as well. Even in the Wintertime, you needed a good pair of winter boots to keep your feet warm when walking around campus. I know having a good pair of UGGS will keep your feet warm in the winter time. Also to keep in touch with what’s going around on campus, you really need to have a cell phone or a smart phone with Text messaging or instant messaging because Universities like to notify people of incidents and events via text messaging and instant messaging. So it pays to have a phone that let’s you text message and get IM’s from the University.

Overall, I had a rough transition from a community college to a University student. I was caught naked and was half prepared for the University education and socially, not prepared for what a university student is suppose to do. So now that I am off for the summer, I plan to prepare myself mentally and academically for the University and I plan to fully transition from a community college student mindset to a University student by the end of the Year. I should be academically at the level of the University by the end of the year.

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