My Spring Grades

Okay, I got my Grades back from school and I was pretty much shocked that I did better than I expected. In my Science classes, I got a B and in my Elementary Algebra Class, I got a B. In my Composition 2 class, I got a C, which was fine and the one class, I struggled but did someone what ok, was Infant and Child Development, which I got a D. So anyway, my GPA now stands at 2.25 and I’m doing pretty good so far. I am going to take a psych class in the either in the fall or spring, depending on how i can fit everything into my schedule. I know in this fall, I have to make a choice and that is either I stick with Nursing or go to Public Health and then apply to graduate medical school, Physician assistant school or graduate Nursing schools. Overall, I am doing well this spring semester and hope to ride the good wave to fall semester and by then I should be touching junior year status.

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