My Privacy

See, when I was a younger person on the internet, I use to be open alot about myself and about who I am. Now since I have been stalked and harassed online by other people and people on Youtube. I don’t post my personal information anymore. I am very weary and very careful of what I post including the exact location of where I live, including my hometown and my address. I don’t even put those on my blog anymore as well. Even on my Facebook, I have made it harder for people to find me, but I will only add those who I know very well and I can trust.

That”s why on the Internet, and on Youtube I am trying to reclaim myself and my right to privacy on the Internet as much as possible. This is in large part because on Youtube and in on the internet, Their are people that are trying to harass and bully me because of my opinions on curtain subject matter. I even have people on youtube who are harassing me and making videos mocking my beliefs, views and opinions. Which I regard a having a right to express my views and opinions.

That’s why on my blogs, Facebook and Youtube page, I am very careful of what I post and I am extremely careful of posting my whereabouts and my personal information such as where I live. I follow the same lines as those who have jobs where they are required to maintain secrecy and keep things very secret from people. That is because I don’t want some stalker showing up at my doorstep and I most curtain don’t want anyone following me.

That’s why on the Internet, i use proxy servers as much as possible, Encryption on all my emails and even sanitize what I post on the internet to make sure their is no way they can find out where I live. If someone dose find something on me, such as personal information, they are going to find that it is very old personal information and information that is not current and not up to date information. That’s why Now, I don’t post information on where I live because that is private and I don’t even acknowledge or confirm anything.

Even my pictures which are posted on the Internet are copyrighted and have a watermark on them which makes it very hard to remove. I did this after someone stole my pictures and uploaded them on to their blog. Which I filed a DMCA for stealing my picture and misusing copyrighted material. That’s why now, all my pictures are watermarked and copyrighted against anyone who steals and misuse my pictures without my consent or permission.

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