Summer plans

Okay, this summer, I am planing on working on a book project that I had been working on a long time. About 10 years ago, I published my first book which was a poetry book and now this summer if I am not working. I am working on my book project and plan to have it published when I start this fall semester. One of my many talents that I have is to write short stories and poetry. My kind of poetry is unadulterated, no holds bar poetry. Which is one that I just write what ever is on my mind and can  be from sexual to more personal intimate. The book I am working on now is a mix of short stories and poetry all mixed up in to the book and this one will have pictures that go along with the poetry. This book, has personal short stories, some from my college classes and some that I see, hear and witness. It even has some that are sexual and some that involve me.

My hope is that I will have the book out and published in time for the fall semester and that I can start planning on my third book. This third book, I am planing to start working on in October is a Journal type book chronicling the life of an intersex college student going to school and living on campus.  It is going to be based on me, but the names will be changed.  I hope to have that book published by the summer of 2011.  Then afterwords, take a break from writing and then continue working on my writings after I am done with Graduate school.

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  1. Good luck on the book. I am working on several, and it is a great feeling to know you are close to be finished. My book was published in December, but the publisher was shady. I am now giving my book away, as long as you give me a review to post on my website. I would be honored if you would read it. If you are interested please e-mail me at

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